Freeze-Dried Plasma Stability

Freeze‚Äźdried plasma stability under prehospital field conditions

Meital Zur, Elon Glassberg, Pavel Gorenbein, Elad Epstein, Arik Eisenkraft, Mudi Misgav, Eva Avramovich. Transfusion, 2019.

FDP is a growing force in pre-hospital resuscitation. In the flow of Remote Damage Control Resuscitation (RDCR) FDP is a useful adjunct while whole blood is being collected and prepared.

This study of FDP carried by the Israeli Defense Forces found that there was no significant reduction of efficacy between FDP that had been in uncontrolled field environments for 15 months and various controlled environments for 6-12 months.

They evaluated clotting factors V, VIII, and XI; proteins S and C; fibrinogen; partial thromboplastin time (PTT); antithrombin III (ATIII); von Willebrand factor (VWF); and international normalized ratio (INR).

This is significant because it adds to the mounting evidence that FDP is, in addition to being more logistically efficient, a safe and effective alternative to traditional plasma preparations.

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